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Tips for Spring Cleaning and Organizing Your Home

spring cleaning your home the easy way

It’s almost that time of the year to really deep clean and organize your home and I’ve gathered some tips for spring cleaning and organizing. I know I am already starting because the kiddos and I have been sick and I just want to clean all of the yuck away.

Right after Christmas when I put away all the decor I really feel like deep cleaning and giving my home a refresh. Do you feel the same way? Nothing beats a freshly cleaned house!

Spring cleaning has been around for generations. I even read the definition of spring cleaning and thought I’d share it…

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. The practice of spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter. In many cultures, annual cleaning occurs at the end of the year, which may be in spring or winter, depending on the calendar.

This post is going to be part round-up post. If you aren’t familiar with it it just means I outsourced to some professionals who have written about this many times. Below you will read about their tips and tricks for spring cleaning. I include some of my own and some hacks from Pinterest as well. This post does contain affiliate links too. I may earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Following a long week at the office or perhaps a week filled with shuffling your kids around from school to sports activities, the idea of needing to clean your home is far away from your thoughts. That weekly house cleaning session could possibly be the most dreaded activity; however, using these top 10 cleaning tips, life might have just gotten a bit easier.

Tip 1: Make use of a window cleaner that attaches for your water hose to spray clean windows at once without any streaks. For your within the windows, spray a window cleaner around the windows and wipe clean with newspaper for any streak and dirt free shine.

Tip 2: Spray all of your screens having a strong stream water inside a sweeping backwards and forwards motion. With sufficient water pressure, no scrubbing with chemicals is essential.

Tip 3: Wipe down all windowsills having a rag soaked inside a deodorizing liquid cleaner not only to clean the buildup of dust, cobwebs, dirt, and bugs, however, it can give your house a brand new scent while cleaning.

Tip 4: For mildew buildup on walls and ceilings of bathrooms, soak a sponge mop with mildew remover solution. Dab all mildew spots. Inside a minute or two the mold is going to be gone.

wiping down kitchen counter tops

Tip 5: Make use of a rag and furniture polish to shine and dirt your furniture simultaneously. Accomplish this only once per month. Make use of a regular dust-grabbing mitt for weekly cleaning.

Tip 6: Have a bottle of disinfecting wipes handy within the bathroom. Start using these to quickly wipe down counters and toilets every 3 days to keep a wholesome environment.

Tip 7: Dust baseboards easily simply by using a dust-grabbing mitt and placing it on your own foot, walk around the entire house with one foot around the baseboards.

Tip 8: Deter grime buildup in kitchen sinks by spraying the sink down having a disinfecting bleach after washing dishes.

Tip 9: Vacuum your floors and carpet before dusting, as vacuuming causes some floor dust to increase.

Tip 10: Save dusting and cleaning time by utilizing disinfectant cleaning wipes to clean up dirt, mildew, and dirt from blind window treatments.

Not the above top 10 cleaning tips have to be followed every week. The cleaning of windows, screens, windowsills, and bathroom mold can be achieved every four months. This will help you to keep care of your home all the time.

Other good way to keep up with the cleanliness of your house with minimal time is to schedule items out every day of the week. Like kitchen on Monday bedrooms on Tuesday etc.

 It's almost that time of the year to really deep clean your home and I've gathered some tips for spring cleaning and organizing. I know I am already starting because the kiddos and I have been sick and I just want to clean all of the yuck away. The ultimate spring cleaning list.

5 Organizing Your Home Tips

Congratulations, you’ve made it. You’re out the other side of that weird, low period following all the excitement of Christmas. With the lighter mornings and evenings during spring, there’s more pep in all of our steps and a motivation to get organized and get our homes squeaky clean. It may seem like a daunting task cleaning from top to bottom, but it needn’t be. Use our tick list and you’ll be done in no time.

1. Flooring, Fixtures, and Appliances – Probably the most mundane of tasks, but it’s got to be done. Deep clean your carpets and hard flooring after all the dinner guests, family and food have been all over it over the festive period. This is probably only one of two times you’ve given your home a real once over, so ensure all nooks and crannies are seen to so you won’t have to worry for another six months at least.

Dust around light fixtures and clear your home of cobwebs. The same goes for appliances. Make sure those odd spillages in the fridge see a bit of elbow grease this year, as well as your microwave, shelves, and food cupboards.

2. Storage Through – this process you’ll probably find there are things you want to get rid of (but we’ll get to that later), and other items that just need somewhere to go for the time being. It’s worth investing in storage boxes that will still look appealing in your home.

Shop wicker baskets from the likes of Debenhams and Argos and My Favourite Voucher Codes will stop you from spending a fortune online. You can also shop at the Great Little Trading Company for toy storage and bookshelves when sweeping up behind your kids.

3. Decluttering – When it comes to sorting through your piles of stuff you need to adopt a more tough and rigid approach, otherwise you’ll end up keeping every little thing with a bit of sentimentality and never be any closer to a tidier home.

declutter your house

Create a system of keep, put away in storage, donate or throw away. When it comes to things you can use or wear, ask yourself when the last time it was that you actually used it. If it was over six months ago, do you really need it or even like it?

4. Wardrobe Revamp – Decluttering also applies to your wardrobe. You can adapt the sorting process to this too, but it’s worth also thinking about the layout of your wardrobe and where you keep certain items. If you have the room, store your winter clothing and accessories in those more unreachable areas. You won’t be wearing thick coats and scarves and clunky footwear come springtime, so there’s no need to have them taking up space in the more easily accessible areas of your wardrobe. By sorting in this way, it also allows you to see what you actually do have to wear in the warmer months and determine whether a visit to the shop is a necessity.

5. New Linen – It’s nice after fixing up your home to be able to add a few new finishing touches to give it a refreshed look that you will enjoy. New cushions and a throw will add those cozy soft furnishings with hints of more summery designs to lighten up your home. There’s also nothing quite like slipping under new bedsheets. Swap out thick wool blankets and brush cotton duvet sets for an airier alternative.

It won’t be long before you’re knee deep in spring cleaning and finding you’re actually quite enjoying yourself with our easy steps. With new clothing and home furnishings to look forward to at the end, really, the elbow grease won’t seem quite so painful.

Alice is a writer and bargain hunter at My Favourite Voucher Codes, a website that gives 20% of its profits to a chosen charity each month. She has an interest in books, feminism, Harry Potter (obviously) and blogging.

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spring cleaning your home - girl holding bucket of cleaning supplies

Where to Start Organizing Your Home

At one time or another, we’ve likely all been advised that we should go through our closets on a regular basis to weed out what no longer works for us, and to remind ourselves what does.

After months of procrastination, I tend to carry out this arduous task every couple of years, and not surprisingly, at the end of it, I’ve usually gathered together at least one large garbage bag of ho-hum clothes, that were previously relegated to the back of my drawers or closets. To the Salvation Army drop off they go, and afterward, I’m left feeling uplifted, lighter, and free.

Now organized and sorted, my closets and drawers allow me unencumbered access to the items that I love; well, at least that I like (I don’t actually love them all, and some of those might end up in a similar black garbage bag after the next round).

Most importantly, though, I no longer feel annoyed when I sift through a heap of clothes that no longer work for me in order to find the ones that do.

Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Home

Spring cleaning is a long-standing tradition that many families still follow today. Though it was originally intended as a way to clear the soot out of homes from winter fires, it remains a great way to freshen up your home and keep it clean and organized.

This year, consider these 3 tasks as an essential part of your spring cleaning, and if you don’t have time to do it all on your own, hire professional residential cleaning in Leesburg, GA.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

No matter how often you vacuum your carpet, you can’t get it truly clean without occasionally getting a professional shampooing and carpet cleaning done. Your vacuum will always miss some dirt and dander that is pushed deep down into the fibers, but a professional can get rid of this, leaving your home feeling fresher and cleaner than ever before.

mom wearing cleaning gloves

Dust Ceiling Fans

A lot of people don’t realize that the tops of ceiling fans can collect dust and a lot of it! Because these fans are sometimes very high up, it’s hard to see the dust collecting on them. This dust can fly off and settle in other parts of your home when the fan is turned on. Most people prefer using a vacuum to suck off the layers of dust that accumulate on the fan, but for fixtures that are mounted on very tall ceilings, dusters can also work. If you choose to use a duster to clean the fan, be prepared to vacuum the ground afterward as a lot of dust can fall off in the process.

Clean Vents

Vents that are inside the house and attached to an HVAC system should be cleaned out at least once a year. There is a lot of dust, dirt, and other objects that can easily find their way into these vents, especially if you have young children. Most people prefer to use a vacuum to clean out these vents because it is a quick way to clean them. If you find any foreign objects that are lodged inside the vents, it’s usually best to contact a professional to come to remove them for you. You can find professionals to help with systems for heating and air in Lexington, KY, and in many other areas.

Clean Light Fixtures

Along with ceiling fans, light fixtures don’t get a lot of attention. This is usually because most people aren’t looking directly up when in a room. Light fixtures attract all sorts of things, from dirt and dust to bugs and spiders. Depending on the type of light fixture, dirt and grime can be stuck to the outside or inside of the fixture. Dust on the outside can be removed using a vacuum, or for a deeper clean, remove the light fixture and then wipe it out with a damp cloth. Outside light fixtures are included in this list, as they are often forgotten about until they are covered with bugs or grime. Cleaning these at least once a year can prevent extreme buildup and save you time.

Clean Out Closets

It’s very common to clean out old or worn-out clothes from your closet, but when is the last time you cleaned the floor or wiped out the shelves? It’s really easy to forget about the closets that have a lot of stuff on the floor. Vacuuming out the closet and wiping the shelves can remove a lot of dust, dirt, bugs and even spiders. Plus, moving all of the items out of the closet can give you a chance to organize and sort through things to decide what you want to keep and what you want to throw away or donate.

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming because there are so many things to clean. There are some items that are often forgotten and neglected until they are extremely dirty. Some of these items can include ceiling fans that accumulate dust on the top and light fixtures that have attracted bugs or dirt. It’s also common to clean out the contents of a closet but to forget to clean the floor and wipe out the shelves. Cleaning or vacuuming out the heating and air conditioning vents is very important. 

Cleanout Cupboards and Drawers

You probably wipe off and disinfect your kitchen counters several times a week. But how often do you do the same for the insides of your kitchen cupboards and drawers? Though you may think they don’t get very dirty, dust and even food particles can actually accumulate in these areas over time. So take the time to clean out your cupboards and drawers and wipe them down so you can ensure your dishes and utensils stay clean at all times.

stop wsting time cleaning and try these hacks.  It's almost that time of the year to really deep clean your home and I've gathered some tips for spring cleaning and organizing. I know I am already starting because the kiddos and I have been sick and I just want to clean all of the yuck away.

Eliminate Excess Junk in Your Home

You should also go through your closets, dressers, and other storage areas this spring to get rid of any clothing, toys, or other items that you don’t use regularly. Donate the items to charity, have a yard sale, or give them to a friend or family member who can use them. Whatever you do, just get rid of it! This will help your home to feel neater, cleaner, and more organized.

Remember, you don’t have to do all this alone if you don’t want to. Enlist some help from family members or consider hiring a professional 

How to Start Organizing Your Home

The term “Spring Cleaning” often brings thoughts of setting about a week or two in March or April to start doing all the major housework that isn’t done on a regular basis throughout the year. We’re talking about such rare tasks as cleaning behind the stove, cleaning out the fridge, washing windows, cleaning window treatments, power washing the exterior, reorganizing closets, and other major housecleaning chores.

This job is usually a big one, which is why it tends to take quite a while. There are plenty of reasons why spring cleaning should be done in doses all year long rather than wait until that one dreaded time of the year when it has to be done all at once.

mopping and bucket in modern living room. organizing your home tips

Each Season Deserves a Cleaning Job, Not Just Spring – If you think about it, spring cleaning tasks should really be done every season. Once the climate starts to change, use this as a cue to have everything reorganized around the coming season. This can include anything from putting past season’s clothing away and bringing out next season’s clothing, changing bedsheets to more cozy flannel sheets, and getting back-to-school clothing ready. Any artifacts that you normally would use in the summer, for example, should be tucked away to make space for these items you’re more likely to use as the weather gets colder.

Saving the Job For Once a Year is Just Too Overwhelming – Saving that big cleaning job for only one time out of the year is just too much. Not only is it a ton of work and responsibility, but it can also have a negative effect on your psychological response to this massive task. When you have so much to do, many times you cut corners just so you can get the job done quickly and get it over with. Instead, performing a task here and there in moderation can alleviate the stress of having to spring clean all at once.

Save Money By Being Organized – Organization helps to save you money in a number of ways. For example, if you start purging items from your attic earlier when they’re still in decent condition and relevant, you can have an easier time selling it for more money. Also, staying organized can help you avoid losing things that could cost you in replacement. Maintaining order will give you the sensation that you’re caught up with life’s tasks, which can have a profound effect on making or even saving money.

Extend Longevity of Your Furniture and Other Artifacts – Having certain things cleaned regularly, like furniture, flooring, carpeting, and so on, can actually increase the longevity of such items. Caring for them on a regular basis can help to keep them in good condition, which can be harder to do if you just leave the cleaning to just once per year.

I hope all of these spring cleaning tips helped motivate you to get going on your own home. I know I have to get to work and quick.

Organizing Your Home Youtube

Check out this awesome video of a woman who is cleaning her house before company comes over. I may have been guilty of this once or twice. The part about fluffing the pillows is hilarious!

If you need help organizing your home and life using time management check out this post. Head to our freebie library for a free printable planner to keep track of your chores and plans.

If you liked this post check out some of my latest posts below and make sure to comment on your favorite cleaning tip I’d love to hear it!

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Sharing helps me out so much!

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  1. Awesome cleaning tips. I tried many brand natural wipes and sprays but none of the wipes works well for me. Now I’m using biodegradable natural bamboo disinfecting cleaning wipes that ticks all my boxes. Here I got great useful tips to make my own natural wipes. Sure Will try and let you know the result. Thanks for sharing.

    • Did you know those wipes are only effective if you leave the surface wet long enough? Same with sprays like 409 and Lysol they takes minutes to actually sanitize and disinfect. I had no idea!

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