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About Hudson Farmhouse Home Decor Blog


Hello, there my name is Corey Hudson, the creative behind Hudson Farmhouse home decor blog. A little bit about me. I am a mother, sweet tea drinker, frugal shopper, antique collector, extreme DIYer, and an avid designer and photographer.

I live in a small rural town in central California, with my farmer husband and our two beautiful daughters who are five and three years old.  We just bought our first house and are currently remodeling it and I hope to share our process and some how to’s along the way.

My greatest passions and hobbies are designing and decorating our home. My style is farmhouse chic with a touch of boho. My home is a mix of items that are full of history or straight from Ikea. 

5 Things I Cannot Live without!

  1. sweet tea
  2. my cozy yoga pants
  3. my camera
  4. diet coke
  5. my planners (I have like 5 lol)

I began my blogging adventure after working along with some many talented ladies whom I began collaborating with from Instagram. I fell in love with the people and connections I made and wanted to share in the fun too. This blog is brand new and a work in progress. I dab in a few different areas and will be sharing them with you.

farmhouse stock photos in use

I also sell farmhouse stock photos and am growing my collection which is currently at over 500 images all available for purchase in my shop.

I also design and sell printable planner stickers. You can download some free ones in my freebie library too. Find more information on my freebie libraries and all of my items in my shop.

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