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A Barbie 6th Birthday Party

We celebrated my daughter's 6th birthday last weekend and she wanted a Barbie party! So that's what she got! I had to throw the party last minute and was happy how it came together in the end. She loved it and fun was had by all! I was at a conference for work leading up to the day of the party so I relied on my family for a lot of the setup and baking. It really does take a village! ... Read the Post

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor that’s Budget-Friendly and Inspired by Joanna Gaines

My farmhouse kitchen decor is always changing but I want to share my current kitchen with you. Decorating a farmhouse kitchen is so much fun! I love adding different textures but keeping functional as well. Being functional is one of the most important things for me right now. Since we are staying home still sheltering in place I want to have everything at my fingertips. This means right now ... Read the Post

Farmhouse Area Rug for Living Room

I just bought a new rug for my living room! I love switching out my rugs and moving them around my house. I took out the one that was in my living room and added it to my bedroom. Since I have to small kiddos they tend to stain my rug and happens to be stained in the middle of the rug which is now hidden under my bed! Circleville Central Ivory Area Rug I ended up with the Circleville ... Read the Post

Cute Shared Little Girls Room

We changed up our little girls' room and added bunk beds. They were so excited! Today I want to share their room with you. This room is a very functional room that may not be my ideal dream little girls room but it works and is functional. Especially because we are stuck at home right now! Take a look at these photos and please share to Pinterest for me it would mean so much to me! Head ... Read the Post