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Is Time Management a Skill? Tips for Time Management from Hudson Farmhouse

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Are you needing help with time management? Are you tired of putting out fires all day and not having enough time to do everything? Me too!

I wanted to share with you some tips that have been working for me to help me manage my time.

Working from home or even going into work every day takes up a lot of our time. These time management tips will help you better utilize the time you do have to spend with your family or help organize some of the chaos.

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Plan, execute & manage your day to achieve massive success

12 Time Management Tips













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Spend Ten Minutes Everyday Tidying Up

It seems easy enough but I promise you if you stick to this it will make a huge difference. Just take 10 or so minutes every day and tidy up.

A trick I have learned and that has been working really well for us is turning on the music. I get my whole family into it. I play usually about 3 songs really loud and we all clean up until the music stops.

It goes by so fast and the kids love to sing and dance while they help clean up.

Put Things in Their Original place After Using

This one is a bit harder when you are constantly trying to multi-task. I do see a big difference in doing this, especially in the kitchen.

It’s so easy for me and the kids to take things out of the cabinets and not put them back. After we started making an effort in my kitchen (where moms spend way too much time) is now tidier throughout the day.

Go Out for Walks

This one just plain makes you feel better. I always feel like I at least accomplished something if I went for a walk and it gets the kids out of the house and their blood pumping too.

Go for five minutes or thirty whatever you want but just go!

Use a Planner

If you are new here you probably haven’t heard that I am obsessed with my planner and all things planners. I can’t stress enough how much it has helped me stay organized and manage my time better.

Just writing things down I tend to remember them better and plan out my weeks. I know when things are and don’t overbook my days.

Head to these posts below to learn more about planners and head to my shop to buy pretty planner stickers.

Spend Time Alone

Take the time to set aside a few minutes to yourself. It will help you relax and make you feel better.

When life is hectic you don’t always have time to really stop and breathe.

Try and not take that time to go on your phone. Instead, try taking a bath or a facial. Maybe just sit and paint your nails or fill out your planner.

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Ask for Help

I really suck at asking for help. I have been better at it lately though. I now will call my mother in law or my mom more often and just ask for help. Ask them to drop the kids off for a bit while I run errands or go to appointments etc.

I am constantly trading babysitting with my twin sister. You have to ask though nobody is going to offer it up for free!

I am sure you have a friend who needs help too. Switch off with each other. Maybe one day a week you take each other’s kids for two hours. It will make a huge difference.

Set Time for Social Media

I bet if you looked at your time spent on social media or on your apps playing games or scrolling you would be shocked. Try and only look at the apps once or twice a day and that’s it.

Set a timer would help too. I tell Siri on my watch sometimes to set the timer for 15 minutes and then I have to stop and get up and go do something else.

Automate Things

Automate your bills and let them pay themselves. This one saves you more time than you think as well.

Another thing my husband and I now do is automatic shipments from Amazon subscribe and save. I swear this is something you need to try asap!

We get so much stuff sent to our house now and I love it. We get all of our snacks, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies from Amazon delivered to our door.

It saves me so many trips to the store and we end up saving money because we aren’t going and buying other crap too. No matter what I do I spend at least $100 at Target every time I go. So if I go less its adds up.

I just wrote a whole blog post on what snacks we buy on Amazon. I explain how it’s cheaper and compare prices for reference too.

Lay Clothes Out the Night Before

This seems like it won’t help but it really does I promise! Especially for the kids.

I lay out their clothes and even shoes sometimes because I have lost my cool too many times to count because we can’t find two matching shoes.

I do this for myself too and makes me feel like I have a few more minutes in the morning and don’t have to try on a bunch of stuff as I am trying to get the kids off to school.

mom and dad eating

Shop Online

I know I just went over some of this with the automating of our Amazon shipments but really this one is a huge time saver. Not only for snacks and cleaning supplies but for little things as well.

Amazon ships so fast now some items arrive the next day. Save the trip to the store and just buy it online. The prices aren’t much different and you aren’t taking the time to go and using gas to do it either.

Things to Buy Online

  1. school supplies
  2. project supplies
  3. clothing (ran out of socks?)
  4. groceries
  5. ink
  6. cleaning supplies
  7. hair stuff (shampoo & conditioner are the same prices on Amazon!)
  8. presents
  9. medicine (check with your insurance some ship for free)
  10. contacts/glasses

Delegate Chores

Ask your husband or kids to do some more chores. I know I was free labor for my parents and it taught me discipline and just plain clean hygiene.

Your kids really should be helping out quite a bit around the house depending on their ages.

Hire Someone

Obviously this is money dependent. If you are ok with spending a little bit I would start hiring help!

Hire a teenager to come help clean or even run an errand for you.

Hire a handyman to finally fix that broken whatever that your husband hasn’t fixed yet.

Best of all hire a landscaper to do your yard. I bet this one saves some marriages in the long run!

Pay another mom to drop off your kids for you. If they are already near you they will probably do it for you. You do some days and the other mom does other days. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to get ready super early with your kids every morning and instead lounge around?

Time Management Tips for Moms

There are so many ways to help you with time management and they aren’t bad to do wither. What are some other ways that help you? Answer below in the comments section I would love to hear them.

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