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How to Keep Ferns Alive and Decorate with Them

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I just bought some new plants from the store the other day and wanted to share how I decorated with my new ferns inside and outside and how to keep ferns alive. I also looked up how to water ferns and keep them alive too so I can share some tips!

If you are not new to the blog you will have seen all of my faux plants in my pictures. I hate using faux plants when I photograph stuff for the shop but I can not keep a real plant alive for anything!

I have two factors making it hard for me to keep indoor plants alive. One is my fault and the other one is out of my control. Over 80 percent of our house has covered patios. Meaning there is no direct sunlight in the house through the windows. Everything is shaded so there is minimal sunlight. I have to take the plants outside to get any sunlight.

Which leads me to the second factor of why I always kill plants. I forget everything! I mean everything. I forget to water them and put them outside. I have even left them outside before and they have frozen or burnt.

We live in Central California so right now while I am trying to keep these alive it has been in the hundreds for a couple of weeks now. I am sure there are other ways to do it but this is what I have been doing with my previous indoor plants.

This time I am going to do it though. I googled how to keep ferns alive inside and hoping to be able to do it.

Below 60 degrees, add water only when the soil is dry to the touch. Some of the more tropical ferns may grow poorly, preferring the higher temperatures. Consistent watering, keeping the soil evenly moist, not wet, is also key to the health and well being of the plants.

Who knew! I cannot keep a plant alive long enough to photograph it usually but I am really trying with my new fern plants. Let’s see how long they last.

Of course, one of the ferns I bought was already turning brown on the tips a bit as you can see below but they were the last two and I had to have them.

ferns in an urn

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Decorating with Ferns

Once I figured that part out I used them to style a little bench I moved outside. I did have to take the fern back inside though it was wilting in the heat even though it was in the shade but I snapped some pictures first.

I also added the fern to an urn (ha that rhymes!) on my front porch. Shop some urns below!

cbcb d  ce ecdfafee
Shop the urn here.
deba a ef abe eee
A concrete one my favorite!

Here are some of my favorite plants to add to pots or urns! These are all real plants from Walmart. But you can get them anywhere you like to shop for them. These are shipped too if you want. Click the images to get more info.

fcbe  a a dbf
efd af b a dfcd
green plant
dbf ffbb de a dcda

Now if you want some cute little pots check out the ones below!

What type of plants have you been decorating with lately? Let me know in the comments below. Please pin this post for later too by hovering over an image and clicking the red icon! Take a look at my recent blog posts below! Or sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch and gain access to our freebie library.

Sharing helps me out so much!

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