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Super Easy DIY Yarn Ghost Tutorial

The easiest tutorial for DIY yarn ghosts. This year I made a promise to myself that I would not go out and buy any farmhouse Halloween decor. I would only use what I had on hand from previous years.

I spent over an hour today trying to find one of my missing bins filled with Halloween stuff and could not find it anywhere. My hubby must have moved it aaahhhh.

Instead, I got creative and made my DIY yarn ghost with leftover yarn from my Christmas tree last year. The project was super easy and I loved how it turned out.

Don’t get me wrong the DIY yarn ghost is not perfect but I could have kept tweaking them and moving the eyes and mouth around forever.

Below are the easy steps to make your own DIY yarn ghost. Comment below with a link to a pic if you decide to make the ghosts yourself! Or tag me on Instagram @hudsonfarmhouse.

This post does contain affiliate links if you choose to make a purchase I may earn a small commission.

How to Make a DIY Yarn Ghost

DIY yarn ghost yarn

First up you need yarn. You can use any type you want thick or thin.

Next, you need to wrap it around something. Whatever you use will be roughly the length of your ghost. I used a book that was pretty big.

The more times you wrap the thicker the ghost gets. Here I wrapped it about 13 times and it was really thick. The next two I did I wrapped it around less times.

Then you will take your scissors and cut the yarn on one end. Cutting through all of the way.

Next cut a piece of the yarn about 10 inches wide. Lay it on the flat surface and but your gathered yarn on top of it. The cut side goes down.

Then tie it really tight. This is only with the yarn put around once. The other ghosts I made I wrapped it twice then added a knot. Whichever way works.

All done with the yarn ghost. Now you will need to cut out the eyes and mouth. For the eyes, I cut two little circles and for the mouth an oval out of black paper. Really you can do whatever you want!

white yarn ghost

You can see on these ghosts from My Name is Snickerdoodle don’t have a mouth. You can go either way!

They are made with skinnier yarn and are really small. It just shows that you can go big or small they are both cute!

Halloween garland

This garland the ghost has no eyes or mouth! This pumpkin is pretty cute too! Head over to Better Homes and Gardens to read about them.

DIY Ghost Garland Decor

Once I finished three ghosts I used fishing line and command strips to hang them from the ceiling. Since it’s still a bit hot here in California when my air conditioner turns on the move from the air blowing. The girls love them!

Take a look below and please pin for later!

Halloween Decor

When I shared this post on Instagram I had some people message me for the links to the pillows so click below for them!

The trick or treat pillows are so fun!

Black and white plaid pillows. They come in orange plaid too!!

The pumpkin pillow if my favorite!

And because these caught my eye I thought I’d share these cutie pillow covers too!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this super easy DIY yarn ghost tutorial. Make sure you check out my other blog post too!

Sharing helps me out so much!

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