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Sunflower Christmas Tree Decorations and Ideas

The huge trend of this year is going to be sunflower Christmas trees and sunflower Christmas decorations. I think it is so fun and makes your tree stand out and feel brighter.

Take a look at these photos for some inspiration and shop the look below.

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Sunflower Christmas Tree Ideas

burlap and sunflowers in tree
Source on Pinterest. I could not find the original post.

These sunflowers make the tree pop! I love how they added pine cones too. I like the idea of not using any ornaments and just having lights and pine cones. So unique!

faux flowers in tree
Source on Pinterest. I could not find the original post.

I love how they added rib and ribbon bows to this tree. Mixed in with some ornaments and traditional lights.

The sunflower stems look they are really easy to use to and just have to stick them in the branches. Super easy!

christmas tree decor
Source Instagram @liyahbobeah

This picture is probably my favorite sunflower Christmas tree. I love the burlap ribbon and ornaments mixed with the faux sunflower stems. Plus those really cute gold twigs stuck in the branches! They even added snowflakes so cool!

sunflowers in tree
Source Pinterest

This tree is a fall decorated Christmas tree. I have seen the trend becoming pretty popular to decorate trees throughout the year.

Decorating the tree for fall would be fun for bloggers because we have to decorate extra early to get out content out before the holiday starts. So doing a fun fall sunflower Christmas tree and they turning it into Christmas would be great.

After Thanksgiving change out the pumpkins and leaves for snowflakes or ornaments.

Shop for Sunflower Christmas Decor

I complied and huge a list of items to inspire your sunflower Christmas tree! Take a look at each item by clicking on them.

Free Christmas Sunflower Printable

For fun, I thought I would share a free printable you can print quickly and hang up or frame. That goes with the sunflower Christmas decor.

Click here to download it.

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sunflower Christmas tree

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