Pinterest for Business Ebook

Pinterest for Business Ebook


Pinterest Business Account Set Up

I have spent hundreds on Pinterest courses and did hours and hours of research to figure out every single aspect of Pinterest. What works what does not and have tried a few strategies. Please do not do what I did.

After attending a conference put on from Pinterest called In the Making I learned how to create pins and set up your profile correctly. By doing these few things your impressions will increase, just like mine did and I guarantee it.

Pinterest is a the best traffic powerhouse and will be one of the most essential tools you will ever use. And it is free! This ebook will help you get started and teach you how to utilize it properly.

Included in the book is a printable on how to create the “perfect” pin and a checklist to audit your profile yourself.

Once you purchase this ebook you can download it instantly and get to work. It comes as a PDF file and you may print the whole thing or just the checklists included.

What's Included

  • Info on the brand new commenting feature (just launched July 2018)

  • How to come up with great keywords for your pins

  • The correct pin size and how to create the "perfect pin" that will get pinned over and over again

  • Info on how to use visual search (also just launched in 2018)

  • How to find the what's trending on Pinterest in less than 30 seconds to post about and create new pins for

  • How to set up SEO for your boards

  • How to set up your business profile correctly

  • "perfect pin" free printable

  • How to create a pin with correct descriptions printable checklist

  • Self  Pinterest profile audit printable

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