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DIY Holy Cow First Birthday Party Decor

black and white party theme

I had the pleasure of throwing my nephew a first birthday party recently. I was so excited and thrilled to do it!

My sister lives in Florida with her husband right now he is in the military. Her husband was deployed right before my nephew, Cecil’s, first birthday. They did a party there and she flew home and wanted to throw him a party here too with family and friends.

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herd that he is one party decor

She had picked out the theme holy cow he is one! We had tons of fun looking on Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Come to find out that them isn’t very popular so we had to come up with a lot of it ourselves. Which is even better!

My sister has always loved cows and black and white is in and very easy to decorate with. We did the typical black and white linens and plates and napkins.

Some of the extra things we had were balloon arch kits. We used the mini kits for the highchair and a table runner. PRO TIP make these balloons the day before because they do take a while to do. We did that and were able to snap pictures inside the day before to have.

table runner balloons white and black

Having those pictures from the day before actually came in really handy because out of all of us we were so busy having fun we hardly got any photos taken the day of the party. PRO TIP don’t do that. Take a few minutes and snap some photos. Or designate someone to do it for you like we should of done.

Like I mentioned before there weren’t very many things to find for a holy cow first birthday party. So I created some of our own stuff! You can download this free pin the tail on the cow here. Can I just ask that you pin it to Pinterest as well? It would help my blog out a lot thanks.

pin the tail on the cow free

The pin the tail on the cow is 3ft x 2ft tall so you can print that big or smaller. My mom just printed for me at her work but you can take it to Staples or where ever similar and it will only be a few bucks.

My sister wanted to play a fun little game for everyone to get to know Cecil’s better since they live so far away. We came up with this game how well do you know me. You can download it here I changed it up to work for both sexes. It was a fun game and a lot more people knew the answers than I originally thought. We can thank social media for that!

For more decorations, I also made a simple poster that you can download for free. One is for boys and one is for girls. They say holy cow he is one or holy cow she is one! Again they are 2ft x 3ft so you can print them that big or print them smaller. They would be cute to print and frame at home too.

All in all the day was amazing celebrating with family and friends and the party was a hit! Take a look at some more photos from the party.

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