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Dealing with Stress and Anxiety while Stuck at Home

What’s going on in the world is just plain crazy and a once in a lifetime thing. Of course, we are going to be worried and stressed. We don’t really know what’s going to happen.

Having an autoimmune disease does not make it any easier for me. I just get so worried and tired.

Tired of losing loved ones.

Tired of funerals.

Tired of fearing the unknown.

Tired of trying to remember all the good memories.

Tired of trying to put on a brave face.

Tired about worrying about my kids.

Sick and tired of being tired.

Who else is with me?  I can go on and on about all the people I have lost just in the last couple of years. How my kids don’t have a grandfather and how I still have nightmare’s about losing my dad.

I don’t write about that stuff because who really cares? Everyone has lost someone and everyone has their own worries and stress.

Why Am I Sharing This With You

Today I am writing this. Why I am not sure. To tell you guys, my loyal readers that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies over here.

I know this is deep and sad and it’s ok to feel like this sometimes. With this scary pandemic happening right now I am worried. 

I am also someone who lets myself think about things, cry it out, then get back to it. That’s all we can do, get back to it.

There are so many unknowns right now in the world and we mothers have to stick together and take care of ourselves.

We are the ones that take care of our future and make sure there is food on the table. With my husband still working 6/7 days a week, it’s up to me to make this quarantine the best that I can.

I know it’s not going to be easy (I’ve already cried it out couple times) but this post is going to be all about teaming up with other women to help relieve extra stress and anxiety due to the Coronavirus.

I have been asking friends and family what’s been working for them and what hasn’t been and I’ve come up with a few things most are saying that work! They include schedules, exercise, and fun tasks.

Conference Calls with Friends and Family

Download the Zoom app and add as many friends as you would like to a video chat and stay connected.

Video chat with friends and family via Facebook, Facetime, or Snapchat! I tend to video with Snapchat so I can use the fun filters. The girls think it’s so fun!

Game Time

Join your friends in playing video games. Yes, video games more screen time! Enjoy playing with people you know by inviting them to play.

Plan in Style

Get out your planners and make some pretty planner layouts. This is my favorite thing to do when I am stressed. I slow down and dive into my planner and use all the pretty stickers and tape and relax my mind.

And maybe even jump on video chat and do one with a friend!

Self Care

Ladies take care of yourself! I am giving you full permission to online shop, do your nails, and take time for yourself!

My wallet is definitely liking this one but I love online shopping!

Be Inspired by Others

I have teamed up with other bloggers to share more helpful tips to kick the stress and be less anxious during this pandemic.

One of my Insta besties @farmulosity and I have been chatting about how stressful this time is and we decided to help others feel better and help spread some love.

Check out her blog post about stress and anxiety and read more about her tips for staying sane during this tough time.

  • spend more time with kids
  • spend more time getting to know yourself
  • spend more time with your significant other

Scripture To Help Heal the Mind

Lillian Stevens shares a blog post about hard times and how reading scriptures and God can help. Check out her post and below I shared one from her blog post.

Allow the peace of God to keep your heart and mind through Christ Jesus 

And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. –  Philippian 4:7

When everything is out of control, pray and ask the Lord to help you with His Scripture about the peace of God.

Peace- a state of national tranquility, exempted to the rage and havoc of war, security, safety, harmony and concord

Heart- kardia- the center of all physical and spiritual life

Mind- mental perception

Free Anxiety Relief Resources

Briana Hollis shares her struggles with anxiety and 7 websites to help dealign with it.

Like millions of other people, I have anxiety. Having good coping skills is essential to being able to live comfortably and thrive as someone living with anxiety. People have all sorts of different coping skills from using grounding exercises to deep breathing. I talked about some of my favorite stress and anxiety-relieving activities here. I’ve often referred people to different calming websites to help that ease their anxiety and I thought I would share some of those websites with you. By the way, all of these stress relief websites are free to use.

Briana Hollis

How to Know if You Are Stressed

Holly Connors shares signs to take into consideration to know if you are stressed or anxious.

  • Feeling unusually emotional
  • Tired, unable to sleep or sleeping excessively
  • Lack of patience
  • Unfocused and unable to concentrate
  • Changed appetite – increased or decreased
  • Lack of interest in activities you normally enjoy
  • Dread at the thought of doing certain things i.e. attending work, visiting a certain place
  • Arguments with loved ones
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Physical tension – tight shoulders, headaches, neck pain
  • Dry mouth

See her full blog post here and dive deeper into how to help manage stress.

Learn More about the Coronavirus

I have a blog post all about boosting your immune system and Hashimotos. Check it out!

I also have a blog post dedicated to children in this tough time. With resources to help talk to them and activities for them to do at home.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope this post wasn’t too dark for you and some of these tips help you.

Sharing helps me out so much!

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