New Boho Gold and Black Textile Designs

Textile Designs for Purchase

If you are new to my blog you do not know that besides stock photos a huge part of my business is textile design. I sell my designs on Spoonflower and I also book custom requests. Before I started taking photos this is one way I got to be creative and make money doing it. If you are interested in a custom design just fill out this form and I will get back to you.

I am seeing boho everything right now. As the trend has been going for awhile now I have already designed a few collections around the theme but wanted to do a different type of mood. These are all darker and moodier. They include items that can be linked to astrology and tarot cards.

 custom designs for your business

Custom Boho Designs

I chose black, white, gold, with a sage green for the main colors with hints of grey. After doing some research on what keywords customers were searching for in my shop on Spoonflower, I realized people are searching for things like "gold boho" and "mustard boho". Hence my color scheme. Below is the gold and moon print displayed on a pillow.

I can see these designs used on a variety of things one being children clothes.  The people who buy my designs, about 75% of them, own a small shop of some kind. They are looking for unique designs that make their products stand out.

I love seeing my designs made into items. Recently I had someone buy a design and use it to make a shower curtain and it turned out amazing. What item would you make with the prints above?

What Other Colors Should I Try

These designs were really fun to make and only took me a couple hours. I think I might see how they do in my shop and might try another colorway. What do you think? Maybe purple, the Pantone color of the year?

If you like these designs and want to see more click here. This post is all about a blush pink and blue floral collection.