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I have found one huge way to save on time is using templates. The templates now available for Instagram are beyond gorgeous. I just purchased a 27 photo grid layout and am obsessed.

This Instagram photo grid is 27 photos all made in one giant board. You can add 27 different photos via smart object layers and change colors and text however you want.  Photo grids help your profile look crazy good. My favorite part about the photo collages is they make your profile stand out from others and look more professional. 

All I did was download it and open it in Photoshop. It took probably 20 minutes to do all 27 photos. It is so fun playing around with the layout and colors. For my first set, I left it just like it was for the most part. Next time I will change the colors and fonts. This post does contain affiliate links but all items are items and use and recommend highly. 

Once I got the photos all done I saved them and uploaded them to Tailwind. I schedule my posts three times a day via Tailwind. They automatically post at the best times for my profile and engagements. It cost $15 per month but because I post consistently three times a day now I have way more engagement and clicks which leads to more sales. If you want to use this link here you get two months free right now and I will get $30 as well.

Instagram Photo Collage

This awesome Instagram profile grid comes in a lot of styles as well. The store is like gold for Instagram accounts! She offers different esthetics but all of them are completely editable. Even if you are a very beginner she includes a how-to video and they will be easy to set up. Some of the options are listed below...

Check out my handy work on my Instagram @hudsonfarmhouse. Below I had the screenshot so you can see it. I would love some feedback on how it turned out. Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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