Using Stock Photos on Instagram

How to Use Stock Photos on Instagram

Instagram is more than an app for people to share selfies or snaps of their next meal. It is an interactive, popular platform that businesses use to promote products and services. Your business needs to utilize the platform to bring traffic to your website.

Businesses often use Instagram to showcase aspects of their operation that customers may otherwise not see. For instance, a business could provide a “behind the scenes” look at how a store opens, or how a product is manufactured. Maybe a recipe come to life or a new makeup trend.

Whatever t may be, Instagram is definitely a powerhouse when it comes to social media platforms. Other uses of Instagram include showcasing brand-new products, advertising sales or showing off recently opened locations.

But not every aspect of social media marketing on Instagram needs to involve photos taken by the business owner or a company representative. Sometimes stock photos can serve a purpose, especially if they are used sparingly and in the right context.

Using Stock Photos on Social Media

Managing a business is not easy, particularly a small business. There are so many different aspects of the business to worry about. If it is a two or three-man operation, or a single person operation, there is bound to be some work that gets ignored for the day.

There will be moments when taking a perfect picture for Instagram every few hours is not possible. It is these moments where stock photos can provide a very useful and time-saving alternative.

I don’t know about you but I tend to post three photos each weekday on Instagram. Who has time to keep up with that?

What Are Stock Photos?

Stock photos are professionally taken pictures of common cities, concepts, natural locations, people, events and animals that can be bought for personal or business use. These are pictures that photographers take and put up on the internet to earn a living. Some stock photos may be batch sold by companies.

I also offer stock photos but with a rustic twist. After having a home decor business I learned there was no real place to get stock photos that fit my aesthetic.

That’s when I decided to start selling rustic stock photos myself. There are not a whole lot of companies out there that specialize in rustic photos. If you would like to see my post on 10 places to find free stock photos please head here.

The beauty of stock photos is that when you do buy one, it is royalty-free. Which means that you can use the photograph for any purpose - such as promoting a business on Instagram.

But what is the best way to incorporate these pictures into the business Instagram profile? Let me tell you...

Clever Use of Stock Photography

The use of stock photos is the perfect way to add background ambiance or a special vibe to your Instagram account. Let us say that your business is a restaurant by the beach. Now you may have some pictures that are exclusively taken by yourself or an employee of the restaurant, which showcase your location, menu, and dishes.

It would be a great idea to accompany these pictures with the occasional stock photo of the beach where the restaurant is located. The photo does not even need to be from the same beach - so long as it is a stunning photograph that conveys the vibe you are trying to get across, it is a good fit.

I guarantee you that if you high-resolution photos on your Instagram they will get more engagement than a cell phone photo. I have heard over and over in my line of business how using stock photos saves people time and in return got them more interaction.

Our world is visual and we like nice things, even our photos, need to be high quality. Using professional photos will make your site and social media accounts stand out from others. With Instagram’s algorithm changes we all need to step up our game to stay relevant.

Maintain Brand Aesthetics

When brands use Instagram for social media marketing, they try to develop a particular aesthetic. It ensures that your followers know what to expect. And it also helps establish an identity or vibe for the business.

When using stock photos, it is vital to find ones that have the same tone, color scheme, ambiance and/or visuals as the aesthetics your business is pushing on Instagram. This way viewers are more likely to see your photos in their feed and recognize that they are yours.

Once you establish your brand and show people you are being cohesive and trustworthy the traffic will increase in a matter of no time.

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