How to Start a Blog in 15 Minutes

How to Start a Blog with Wordpress and Bluehost

Have you been always wanting to start your own blog or website? Or are you already in the process? Even if you have started are wanting to start this post will help you get started the right way.

Blogging has helped me tremendously because it allows me to be creative and also provide for my family. Blogging gives me the flexible schedule of staying home to raise my kids. I would love for you to be able to do that as well.

This post does contain affiliate links so if you end up making a purchase I may receive a small commission but these are all honest opinions and items I use.

I will be straight with you this is not easy. There will be days you feel like you are a failure and days that you get your first affiliate sale and you are on top of the world. It takes time to get your blog fully finished the right way but if you do it right it will show later on.

There are so many options on which site or program to use to build your website. For beginners, I recommend using Wordpress and Bluehost.

I suggest these two after doing research of my own and using other platforms I hve in hte past. This blog is on Squarespace but this site is not as easy to set up and you cannot add ads to the sidebar. I did not know this when I started this blog but wish I had figured that out before. I love Squarespace and recommend it but only for advanced bloggers. Bluehost is who I use for other websites I own. I have never had any complaints and would recommend them highly.

I am assuming since you are just starting out you want to do this the cheapest way possible. This is why I suggest starting with Wordpress and Bluehost. Wordpress is where you will build your posts and edit them. Bluehost is where you will buy your domain name and they will "host it for you". Hosting and domains are a must to have your own website.


How to Start a New Website or Blog

To start a blog that will become a brand you really should buy your domain name right away. Wordpress is free and Bluehost is only $7.95 per month. You can save even more money by signing up for the year plan which is $4.95 per month and 36 months is only $3.95. And that will be the only bill you will have at first.

I suggest you do not use Blogger/Blogspot it will not let you monetize and edit your website like Wordpress can. Or any of the other free blog sites. Once you have your site up and running you will want to start adding advertisements (that’s how you make money) and also when your blog takes off (hopefully it does quickly) you will need a "host" that will be able to help answer questions and makes sure your site is always running right and fast.

Reasons Why to Choose Bluehost

- Easy. Literally, fill in the blanks and you are done.

- They have a stellar reputation

- They offer excellent seller support. You may not think this is a biggie but it is!

- To start you are only out $19.95 per month that's it.

- They offer a guarantee just in case you change your mind

- Your site will be self-hosted and you can monetize any way you want.


Purchase Hosting for Your Domain

Right on, you've figured out your name now onto the next part. Start by clicking here and following these easy steps.

1) Find the WordPress Picture like the one below and click on the learn more button...


Do you already have your domain name? Need help thinking of one? Comment below or hit Contact at the top of the page and I would love to help you brainstorm ideas. Try and pick a name that is not niche specific. Your name is good to use as well. Also, keep in mind you want to have something that is not hard to spell or pronounce. It shouldn't be too long either.

You might want to head over to other social media platforms as well and see if the handles are taken. It would suck to not be able to use the same handle across the board. For instance, my handle is @hudsonfarmhouse on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. The domain I purchased is

2) To start you will want to type in the domain name you want to see if it is available. If it is not available try one of their suggestions. Please choose carefully this cannot be changed.

3) After that, you will be taken to the payment portion. There you will choose your plan. This page will look like the photo below.

Choosing your plan is very simple. You can upgrade at anytime so keep that in mind. Basic is really all you need unless you want the extra goodies. If you are unsure about this or want to stay on the lower side of your budget one year is just fine. But if your website backed up plus the other extra goodies then you can pick the Plus Plan which is $5.95 per month if you buy 3 years total. They do require a full year or three-year payment in full up front no matter the plan you choose

4) After you choose your plan you will continue to set up your account. You will enter in your account information in the form pictured above.

If you do not want to use their other options just unclick them. The DOmain Privacy,  SiteLock Security, Codeguard Basic, Bluehost SEO Start all of these are add ons. If you are considering any of them I would suggest doing the domain privacy one. It keeps your personal information private. It is up to you whether or not to do it. If you chose to add it they will block your personal email and mailing address from people being able to see them. That's how you end up getting spam email and mail.

5) Once you are done picking out your plan options finish by entering your credit card info and that's it. You are now an official owner of your own domain. PARTY!



3) Creating Your Wordpress Site

After getting your domain and entering your password for your new account Bluehost will guide you through the rest of the process. A step by step guide to having your Wordpress site started all within minutes.

The site will then take you to a page where you need to decide if you want a personal or business website. The page will look like the photo below. This part is up to you and depends on what you are going to do with your blog.



Once you choose if you want a personal or business blog up next is the screen where you choose your theme. As a designer this is my favorite part. You can see all of the fun options below. Do not fret this can be changed at anytime.

Free themes are fine but you do get what you pay for. Premium themes are set up to make your site even better. They are made to optimize SEO and have more user friendly settings.

Pick one that appeals to you and matches what brand you have envisioned. Up next you will need to hit the Start Building link and start setting up your Wordpress website.

After your theme is chosen you will be able to start editing your Wordpress site. Begin by entering in your information and adding photos to your home page. You will also want to add information and other pages to your Wordpress website. You should have an about me page, a contact me page, and a blog posts page.

Remember to keep on brand. If you need photos for all of your new website pages this is where stock photos come in handy. Find some stock photos you can use all across your website here. Make sure you use only high quality pictures across your pages and your blog posts. If you only have poor photos you will only get poor views.


Adding Content to Your Wordpress Site

After you get those pages set up you will want to get familiar with your settings and site by just browsing your dashboard. Once you are familiar with how your Wordpress dashboard works you can get to work posting. Creating content is key to starting a blog and getting to it to grow. You want your blog to have good originally content to bring readers to your site.

Below are some of my blog posts you may check out for some inspiration by clicking on read more. You are now well on your way to having a successful website made just for you by you.