How to Paint with Chalk Paint

 chalk and wax brushes

How to Chalk Paint Furniture or Wood

 rust-oleum white chalk paint

Have you seen all the really good pins on Pinterest that make redoing furniture look super easy? Me too. This tutorial will help you feel more confident when concoring your DIY  ptojects using chalk paint. It is easy and makes furniture or anything wood really, look even cuter.

I thought I would start by doing something simple because I had my two little helpers with me. Annabelle is 3 and Ella is 2 and they wanted to help mommy paint so bad.

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1) Buy the right tools

 brush for chalk paint

Projects are always easier if you have the right tools. Unfornutenlty, I do not live near a store so I tend to always buy everything off of Amazon.

To the right is the brush I bought off of Amazon, as a pair. This brush is for the chalk paint. It goes on smooth and the bristles aren't too dry. It is such a good brush!

The other brush in the set is for the wax. Pictured below. And the link to see those on Amazon is below as well.

These brushes are easy to clean and work great. I am sure other brushes would work fine too but I liked these ones for this project.

I did buy the paint and wax on Amazon as well. I shared those items below.


 brush for wax 
 anne sloan chalk paint

2) Paint Your Item

I bought this wood spindle already cut in half from a garage sale for $5. A score! My plan was to paint them, distress them and use them in my bedroom. 

The wood was already smooth so I did not need to sand it. The girls and I got to painting. It did not take long at all to paint the first coat. It was pretty messy like most projects with toddlers end up being.

I let it dry and decided it needed another coat. Two coats were plenty.

 anne sloan chalk paint colors
 chalk paint furniture

3) Sand and Distress

As you can see above I used a small piece of sandpaper (sorry not sure the grain) and sanded the pieces. I sanded a little more in certain areas to get the worn look. Took about 5 minutes to do both.

I then dusted them off and switched out my plastic wrap underneath for the wax.

 chalk paint and wax


4) Wax

This part was the easiest and pretty cool to see as well. I used the paste (pictured on the right) and the brush I posted above and spread it all over the pieces.

The paste was a bit thick but went on really easy. I chose the natural color. It added a bit of a creamy aged look to the white chalk paint I chose. There are a ton of different chalk paint colors and wax colors to pick from. That is up to you what colors you want.

I used a paper towel after to wipe the excess off. That's it. The wax made the spindle pieces look more polished.


 Use these brushes for chalk paint and wax
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 wood spindle diy chalk paint
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 diy farmhosue decor chalk paint
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