How to Make Quick and Easy Graphics for Your Business or Blog

Images to Promote Your Website and Social Media Accounts

Social media is the best free platform to get viewers and followers. I cannot stress enough how you need professional photos and graphics to stand out. Cell phone pics and apps will just not do the trick. If you want to grow your business and get the clientele to keep coming back for more, your feed and website need to be on brand, cohesive, and very professional looking.

This post is about making quick graphics for your blog. Images with photos and words added to use across social media but mostly for Pinterest. Having unique and quality graphics can bring a lot of readers to your page.

Millennials and Ever Changing Algorithms

This is the digital age and the millennials are social medias biggest users. Their generation is huge on what they see and how to get it quickly. So the photos you share to your accounts need to be high quality and eye-catching. To stay above all the constant changes growing your following and having them interact is key.

I want to share some ideas and ways that I make my graphics and how I use them. Some are free and some will cost you. But no more than around $30 or so. Each one can be used across so many different platforms they will end up paying for themselves in the long run. This post does contain affiliates links if you end up purchasing items I may make some money for referring you.

 facebook image free

Instagram Story Templates for Business

These are huge right now. In a few business groups I am in on Facebook there are people who say they are getting thousands of views on their stories. Some even report more interaction and higher click-through rates just on their stories, not their profile. I have been using templates from Creative Market and adding my own stock photos and branding colors to them.

I know how hard Instagram can be to build up an audience but stories may help. I tend to go straight to my stories section when I hop on Instagram. They are more interesting and you can see more behind the scenes.

Here are some of my favorite templates available for purchase. Making Changing colors, fonts, and saving them to quickly change in the future super easy.  Check each one of them out by clicking on the photo.


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 free images using canva

Canva Templates for Business

Using Canva for business is beyond easy to make graphics. The hardest part for me when creating new graphics is choosing fonts. I have spent hours just trying out different font pairings before. Well, Canva has that part done for you if you. They supply the fonts and pairings. Most are even sized proportionally for you. EASY. If you want to add your own fonts they offer that too in their business package.

Here are some graphics I made for my stock photo bundles that are listed in my shop,  you can shop the bundles here. The graphics showcase some of the items in the bundles in a clean way. This is an option they offer in the photo collage section of their website. It is free but htere are some options that cost.


 facebook photo

Quotes or Phrases Templates

Another popular trend on most social media platforms is quotes and phrases. You probably see them all over the place. Simple white background images with words. Why not design some yourself and when people share them you can get the credit? Just add your handle on the bottom of your graphic and share just like I did with the graphic below. I got some really good interaction with this graphic because I asked people to tag their Instagram buddies. They commented and sent the photos. I gained over 50 followers within a couple hours.

INsta Buddy graphic

Create Your Own Quotes for Graphics

There are so many quotes out there where do you start looking for them? Why not just make them yourself? After researching for fresh ideas I have found it easier to just get help. I love using templates to save time in the design process. Between everything on my to-do list, finding unique quotes does not need to be one of them. But I do want quotes to add to my social media platforms because they are good images to break up your feed a bit. I try to add a quote pr phrase image every few posts especially on Instagram. 

For my brand, I choose to stay in the black and white or grey area. Those are 3 of my brand colors and my logo is black and white. It is always good to stay on brand. I even try to use my fonts for the wording as well. I want to share some templates that are customizable with you. These will be great because you can change them up with your colors and add things like your website or handle. Once you have these you can edit and change them as many times as you want. Keep them on brand or change them up for holidays.


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This video from Ashlyn Carter is one I love because it shows so mayn different tools to use in Canva and how quick you can get stuff done. Ashlyn writes:
I am no designer but Canva has allowed me to create some pretty beautiful Pinterest graphics that get people to pin and re-pin all over Pinterest! And the best part, designing a Pinterest graphic only takes me a couple minutes in Canva! In today's video I'm walking you through an easy Canva tutorial that shows you step be step how I use Canva to create my Pinterest images. And since I have no design background this is a pretty simple Canva tutorial that even the beginners can follow how I use Canva!

Use any of these three suggestions and your social media platforms will look more professional and you will start gaining more followers. I would love for you to tag me in some of your posts to see your handy work. Tag me @hudsonfarmhouse :)