How to Decorate a 3 Tier Tray

Farmhouse Decorated 3 Tier Stand

Do you see all the pretty pictures on Pinterest of all the styled 3 tier stands? I do and sometimes think that's super cute, I can do it. But just like most things on Pinterest they aren't always as easy as they seem. Decorating these stands can be pretty easy if you keep a few things in mind.

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Choose A Focal Point or Object

Most 3 tier trays have at least one object which anchors everything else together. This piece is usually your main focal point and the item you will first put into place. These objects might be your favorite thing or a seasoned item. For instance, if you are decorating for fall it may be a pumpkin. Or maybe for spring, it might be a big floral scented candle in a pastel color.

Pick a Color Scheme

Choosing a limited color palette would be my suggestion no more than 3 colors. I believe the more colors you choose to combine in your space, the trickier the decorating becomes. Something to keep in mind when decorating with neutrals is to choose items with differing textures. 

Add Natural Elements

If you were to grab one of your home decor catalogs or magazines, chances are very good that in every picture featuring a room you will find at least a sprig of greenery, a plant, a vase of flowers, fruit, or something living.

Bringing elements from the outdoors inside is a way to add a pop of color and complete the look. It can be as simple as a stem of cotton or a faux plant.

Shop Around

I like to go around my house and find new items when decorating my 3 tier stand. Adding things that match my color scheme. Then I will head outside and see if anything works too. Fresh clippings or something from my garden. This time around I used succulents the girls made me at daycare. The little glass jars they are in were super cute.

It is mid-July so I just went with a rustic theme and browns and greens. In a month or two I will change it over to fall items and post some more pictures.

If you like this post and want to learn more about how I decorated my essential oil shelf head over to this blog post. I would love to see how you style your 3 tier trays too. Tag me on Instagram @hudsonfarmhouse

Buy 3 Tier Trays

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