Why You Should Use Stock Photos

Stock Photos That Make You Stand Out

I am really excited to share some of my farmhouse stock photos with you guys. I know my blog is a little bit of home decor and design but a huge part of my income is stock photography. It gives me such a great way to be creative and turn it into income.

I capture the photos with home decor bloggers and business owners in mind. I wanted photos that would work for social media, blogs, and even websites or advertising. Each one can be used however you want. My customers have added their own products or branding to them like logos or text as well as their own graphics.

So what are stock photos? Basically, stock photography features carefully arranged set ups that are based around a particular theme or color palette. Some images have lots of white space for you to add your brand’s message or shop announcement. Others feature greenery and stationary or clothes and scenery. There are tons of options but I sell rustic stock photos myself like the one above.

Hudson Farmhouse Stock Photos Feed.jpg


Using stock photos saves people a lot of time and add a touch of professionalism that you cannot get with cell phone photos.

In the picture above you can see how before the Instagram feed of one of my clients was dark and not very appealing. Imagine scrolling through and see those photos on the left. Now look on the feed on the right. Which one looks better?

The one on the right of course. They are high resolution and cohesive. It makes the feed more appealing and professional looking.

Not all stock photos are created equal. There are literally a million sites that you can get free stock photos. I know this and I even share the best ones on my blog. I use some of them because I don't have time to shoot every photo I need.

I take photos of rustic things and home decor. I like to stick to my farmhouse stock photos because that is what I know. So when I need a quick image of food or maybe a computer I might hit up another site. I also live in a small town with no where to buy fresh flowers. So I typically use some other peoples flower images. I like to add them here and there in my graphics or on my Instagram.

Bright and Airy is In

Clean, bright, and open spaces are all good things. You want your images to pop and get the viewers attention. Using stock photos is one way to do this.

Does your feed go with more of a moody feel or matte? Take a look at the photos below they are the same photo. An image I offer and I edited with presets (filters). Using presets can help make the photos fit with your vibe or brand colors more. I take the photos and you download them and use anyway you want!

If you keep your photos and mood consistent your followers will automatically recognize you and they tend to engage more that way. More engagemnet gives you more traffic which gives you mroe money!

The possibilities are endless. I have included some of my bundles for you take a look at. If you want some photos for your business please hit the contact link at the top. I will send you a message with mroe details.

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