Essential Oil Farmhouse Shelves

I am on a mission to take care of myself better and put myself first more often. Ya right who am I kidding right? No really us moms need to try and find atleast a few minutes each day to relax or pamper ourselves.

One way I have been sneaking this in is with my essential oils. No I do not sell the oils so this is not a post about buying oils I just really love them. I have been playing around with all of the oils and goodies that go along with them. I started having way too many items that I needed quick access to so I bought a wood shelf from Amazon and keep all my essential oil goodies in it (see my picture below). When I shared my picture on my Facebook page I received quite a few messages and replies asking where I got my shelf at. Here is a list of shelves and cubby type shelves that all will work. This post does contain affiliate links but I promise these are all of my own picking :)


The first pic is the cubbie box from Amazon I bought and the second is mine the first day I put it up. It's changed since then but you can see how handy the cubbies are!

essential oil cubby wood holder

There are so many cool shelves and storage units that can be used for oils and all of the stuff that goes with using them. As you can see above I have carrier oils, recipe cards, and all of my oils. Here are some more cool shelves I thought might work well too.

Hudson Farmhouse Essential Oil Shelves.jpg