Cow and Bull Canvas Prints

black and white cheap canvas print

Accessorize! Take your look to the next level with statement pieces like this black and white bull or cow.

Draw attention to your home or in your pictures with a big statemnt piece like these canvas prints. Each print is 27 x 36 inches and made of soft canvas fabric. The possibilities of these are endless and so fun!

Here are photos of them framed in a simple frame from Ikea. Look how much it pops and just makes this gallery wall pop!

farmhouse decor statment piece

The prints are only $34.99 and come in either this cow or a bull and horns (below) to shop the items in our shop please click here. I love black and white everything and think these would look so cute in so many different rooms! Below you can see how I hung it with twine and added a wreath too. The last picture of is just hanging with command strips (the most amazing things ever invented find them here) $5.51 (affiliate link)