#zeroaday Instagram Challenge

I am so excited to share with you the design challenge I have been participating in since Monday. Jana @twigyposts and Abigail @wanderandrose are the hosts of this fun biz challenge. Check out the hashtag here and look for yourself at all the fun thigns going on.

Welcome to the #zeroaday challenge friends! 🙌🏻This is designed for anyone who wants to create a digital product for $0 that they can use as a lead magnet, or even a product to sell in their online shop! .
Together with @wanderandrose we are going to walk you through the process of determining what to create and how to market your product to your ideal audience. .
It’s more than just asking yourself, “what do people want”, it’s taking time to think in terms of how your products can make their life easier. 💃🏼I want you to comment below with what you feel your specialty is. In other words, what do you know you can create this week on a budget of $0.
— @twigyposts

For day one, Monday, I decided to create a template to use for my Instagram stories. It is one of my goals to be more personal on my Instagram this year. I was thinking to balance that out I would try  and do some really on brand professional posts as well to stay cohesive. The template can be changed and made different in so many ways but also allows my followers to recolonize my brand and imaging.

Today we are taking a moment to chat about your audience 👩🏼‍💻These are the people who are already buying what you are selling, or they have opted into your mailing list. Maybe they follow you on FB or send you DM’s here on IG. They are the people who give you the opportunity to have a business! These are your people!!! .
— @wanderandrose

Yesterday was day 2 and the challenge was to find your audience. For the challenge I am concentrating on promoting my farmhouse decor shop. So my audience is women who most likely live in a rural area who love Pinterest finds and online shopping. I want my website to be a place where you come to find inspiration for a new product or ideas for your house. Or if you just need some retail therapy! I have sold some items to a few men who were buying for their loved ones but I will concentrate on women in the 30 to 60 age group. Trendy and savvy women in the hunt for decor finds and trends.

free instagram story template for social media

And that brings me to day 3 today. The task is to create a blog post and share what I am making. I wanted to share the whole process since I have had fun doing and maybe you will start doing it too! Above is the image of the template I created and the graphics I created with the template for my stories.

If you want to download the template please click here. All I ask in return is to follow me on Instagram @hudsonfarmhouse and tag me so I can see your work!

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