Easy Toddler Snack


Snacks snacks and more snacks! My kids are always hungry...

Finding a snack for little ones that does not involve cutting or making a mess is not always easy. My go tos are normally fruit (messy) or fruits snacks (not healthy) but I have found a good one that makes everyone happy and isn't too bad for them :)



Lets start with what I put inside:

- reduced fat cheeze its

- raisins

- peanuts

- pretzel sticks

I just layered each item throughout the jar and then mixed it at the end took less than a minute. Pretty sure it will last awhile and the hubby and I will enjoy it too.


THAT'S IT! How easy is that? My girls love the mix and its not the worst thing I could give them. You really could add anything to it. Sometimes all you need a is a new idea that's not the same old thing.


Want to add more?

Here are some more ideas

- dried fruit

- gold fish

- almonds

- chocolate chips

I would love to hear some of your favorite snacks that you give your little ones. Tag me on Instagram @hudsonfarmhouse or comment below and I'll give them a try.