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Magnolia Home Paint Colors Matched to Benjamin Moore Colors

When I started my home renovation I, of course, went to the experts on "rustic farmhouse" renovations Chip and Joanna Gaines for all things home renovation including paint colors. This was one of my favorite things to pick out so I thought I would share with you some ideas and inspiration to help you decide on paint colors.

When we first looked at our new home before we bought it I told my husband if we bought it it would need a lot of work. We knew that going into it but it was in our budget. We didn't want to have a really high mortgage we would rather buy something at a lower price and fix it up. My husband is very handy and luckily did most of the remodel himself.

Are you ready for a before and after picture that will blow your mind?! 

Doesn't the white paint make it look so much bigger and brighter/cleaner? We obviously changed the cabinets and stuff too but before the paint was a creamy tan color and there was floral wallpaper. What a huge difference paint makes.

My husband thought I was crazy for picking the True White (shown below) but our house was really dark and dreary before so I wanted it to be bright and clean. My husband had never used Magnolia Home paint and it was only available online at the time. So after doing some research, I ended up color matching their colors to Benjamin Moore paint.

So my paint color on the walls was actually Chantillly Lace. I could not be happier with my choice!

True white (Magnolia Home) is the same color as Chantilly Lace (Benjamin Moore) which is what we ended up using.

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"Because paint is the easiest and most dramatic way to transform a space," said Joanna in a press release. "I'm often asked for advice on selecting paint colors and I want to make that process simpler. I hope these colors come to mean as much to others in their own homes as they do to me." quoted from interview with Country Living.

True White and Chantilly Lace

I am not sure when her paint line will be available at major retailers, for now, it's only available online here.

As for buying Benjamin Moore paint you can go to any paint store and take the Benjamin Moore color card and have them make it for you. 

Some people get really nervous about buying paint because they feel like it so permanent. But remember it is not and you can repaint if needed.

Always use samples and do a large spot in the room to see how it looks. Lighting is always different in every room depending on how many windows and natural light is let in.

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We used a sprayer to paint and it made the job so much easier. I highly recommend using one it cuts the painting time in half.

Here is the one we used from Amazon. I didn't actually use it myself but I am sure anyone can use it. I prepared the room and he did the actual spraying.

An expert from their website visit this site to read their full article.

Joanna Gaines and Kilz have partnered to bring you the perfect collection of paint for your home! You can find the full collection of 150 colors under the paint tab of our Market page or by following the link at the bottom of this page.
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We hope Joanna's paint line adds a simple, fresh, and timeless look to your own home!
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