5 Things Businsses Need to Do on Pinterest

Pinterest's New Algorithm 2018

Hi lovelies we've all been hearing about the changes being rolled out on Pinterest. Have you seen the new layout yet? What is what and what do I need to do?? Well, let me help with that. I just watched the Facebook live video with Tailwind and Pinterest. There were two gals who worked at each place answering questions and dishing on the ins and outs of what you should be doing on Pinterest. Here is the link to watch it and it is gold! A bloggers Pinterest dream! this post does contain affiliate links so I may earn a small commision if you make a purchase. All reviews are my own.

There are so many things that I was happy to hear that I was doing right and things I have never even thought of I can't wait to start doing. I will add a quick list of what I took away from it. But I really suggest taking the time and watching the video just so you can get all of the answers from the pros. It is over an hour but well worth it I promise! I would love to hear your thoughts on the video comment below after you watch it. This is not a Pinterest strategy post it is just to clear up some questions I have been seeing people asking about.

5 Things to Do to Be Seen on Pinterest

1) pin as many times a day as you want. 5 or 100 as long as you are consistent. I have been pinning 75 per day using Tailwind scheduler so I will stick to this. Read this post I wrote to learn more about scheduled pins :)

2) looping is ok. Pinning the same pin to the same board again. Say like once a month. She did say to change the description though and make sure it's relevant. But not to do it too many times because you do not want people to unfollow you.

3) the first 5 pins a day are important but not the most important thing. SEO is still the best practice to get seen the most. So try and have 5 quality pins first. So I am Pacific Standard time so my first five pins after 5:00 PM

4) With the new following tab followers are important because they will see our content first. Make sure to have quality engaging followers not just quantity.

5) Pin tries and comments will help get you more impressions. One way to get more of those she suggested is to embed the pins directly into your post. And add a call to action like check this out and comment.... keep scrolling for the goods.

 Pinterest Strategies manual pinning

How to Embed a Pinterest Pin Directly into Blog Post

WHAT?! This was news to me! I love this so I want to dive deeper and show you how easy it is to do with screenshots! Basically click and copy code and then paste into your blog post. Depending on your host it should only take a few seconds. First I found the pin I wanted to embed and this picture shows how to start.

 How to get more views on pinterest 2018
 2018 how to pinterest strategy

Above is the pin I used for the example. Cool right?! It only took a few seconds and hopefully help us bloggers get more interaction on Pinterest. Right now I am at the 2.2 million impressions a month mark and I want that to double that at least by the end of the year.

Now can you do me a huge favor and click on the pin below and comment with your thoughts??? Or even better can you try it? If you add an embedded pin to your blog comment with the link below and I will check it out!

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