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Best Pinterest Communites

pinterest community options

Pinterest has launched another cool feature to keep us in touch with our followers and friends, Pinterest Community, a thread is intended to have creators pin and add photos to a group of same minded people.

So what is so special about these Pinterest Communities? It makes interacting easier and all able to be done in one place.

You can add pins or just photos to the Pinterest Communities feed and comment and like on other peoples posts. It is all in one place and a great way to get to really know a group of people. Just like on Instagram it will be a great way to have a set group of “besties” that you keep close with. I know on Instagram I have a few people who I love and can’t get enough of!

Pinterest Does it Again

The feed makes it really easy to add pins or photos and see what others are posting. Because it has literally just been launched my group is really small and I need some people to join me! Click here to join my Farmhouse Home Decor community.

learn about pinterest communities

My sister over at The Mix also has a community for all things Pinterest. She is the go to for anything Pinterest related and is always up on the new things. She was the one that got us invited to the In the Making Conference put on by Pinterest. One of the things that we learned about at the conference is these new Pinterst Communities. If you would like to read the whole blog post click here, it really is a gold mine of information.

Below is an expert from her blog post you can find here:

One place to share your thoughts, experiences, comments, and more.

One easy place right inside Pinterest, the Pinterest Community secotion, that is easy to communicate with others in a thread forum back and forth.

An expansion of group boards, where you’re commenting on one topic and with one main image. Instead of looking at a dozen images and commenting on all the images and sharing back and forth, like you would in group boards.

Join her community here:

Join A Pinterest Community

I am not sure why but to get to the Pinterest communities section the only way I have found is to get invited or to click a link to the communities. I tried googling it and search on their business site. I believe because it is still be tested it’s hard to find.

Here is a link to my community on Farmhouse Home Decor. I would love for you to join and leave a comment or pin and introduce yourself. Below is a screenshot of my community.

pinterest communities how to

If you want to learn more about setting up your Pinterest business profile the correct way, check out this post here.

Have you learned about the new audience insights yet? Learn more about them and how big of a game changer they are here.

Learn Everything

Sharing helps me out so much!

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