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A Barbie 6th Birthday Party

We celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday last weekend and she wanted a Barbie party! So that’s what she got!

I had to throw the party last minute and was happy how it came together in the end. She loved it and fun was had by all!

I was at a conference for work leading up to the day of the party so I relied on my family for a lot of the setup and baking. It really does take a village!

Birthday Decoration

I know I will probably get asked about the posters I made them myself and had them printed. I just used Canva and it took me less than 10 minutes!

The cupcake stand is from the lovely shop Hob Knobin on Etsy. Check out her shop for tons of cute items! She has the best party supplies ever!

Make sure to take a look at my recent posts for more inspiration!

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