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5 Ideas for Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating

Want to know a farmhouse kitchen decorating trend that will never go away? White. White anything and everything. When remodeling or decorating your kitchen try and keep it in mind.

If not white then cream or light colors like grey and tan.

If you take a look at the recent home improvement magazines or simply go through some online blogs, then you will see that white kitchens are no longer a dream or no longer restricted to the houses of the celebs.

Now, many homeowners are opting for it and there are more reasons than one behind it. First of all, it looks really classy and luxurious. You can actually give your entire house an uplift by just turning your shabby and brown kitchen to a unique and sophisticated white one.

Secondly, they can make space look bigger, which is a great way to make small kitchens look spacious. Thirdly, you can really experiment when it comes to a white kitchen.

A thing here and a dash of colors there – tada, a new look is here. So, think of it as a onetime investment.

However, here are a few golden rules that you must pay heed to. Otherwise, it can turn into an eyesore. Take a look.

Want to know a farmhouse kitchen decorating trend that will never go away? White. White anything and everything. When remodeling or decorating your kitchen try and keep it in mind.

Think White Cabinets 

Yes, first thing first – when you are thinking of decking up a white kitchen, then do think out of the box and opt for white kitchen cabinet. There are plenty of white cabinets available in the market now such as polar cabinets, white shaker cabinets, vintage white kitchen cabinets, and many more, from which you can choose according to your choice and house decor.

While one might suit the traditional interiors, the other would be more appt for a stark modern one. So, do pick wisely.

Now, you must be wondering, from where should you buy them, right? Well, there are various online stores from where you can buy these cabinets at pretty reasonable prices. See below.

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Add Splashes of Hues 

Coming to the second golden rule, I would say do not make it all boring with just white! Yes, a bit of red here and a dash of yellow there, or some turquoise and lime green here and there would break the monotony and uplift the look a few notches higher.

Lights have a Role to Play 

And yes, do not forget about the lights. The lights can make or break the look of an entirely white kitchen. If possible, ask an interior decorator to suggest you with some lights or else, go for some chandeliers for the best effect. Trust me, white kitchens and chandeliers are like best friends. Visit a good store and you will find them at quite affordable rates.

white farmhouse kitchen remodel


You shouldn’t neglect the countertop as well. If you are doing a white kitchen with white cabinets, white tiles, etc, then a colorful countertop is what I will suggest. Granite countertops are classy as well as robust so go for them. Marbles are also an option. So, this is again another golden rule to follow.

Lastly, keep it simple. If you want a very classic look, opt for steel and nude shades to accompany the white kitchen. Otherwise, select just two hues for complementing the entire decor. Do not go over the top and pay heed to all the features. Simple things such as a window curtain also can ruin the decor! So, be a little careful.

So, these are the five golden rules of a white kitchen. To know more about Kitchen Renovation or decor click for more.

modern farmhouse style kitchen remodel

Ikea Cabinets

Most people probably do not think Ikea when they think about farmhouse kitchen decorating but they can be! We purchased our cabinets through Ikea when we remodeled our kitchen. They are a fraction of the coast and you get all the cool upgrades like soft closing and under cabinet lighting for way cheaper!

We waited for a sale and purchased our entire Kitchen cabinets including the island cabinets and drawers for less than $5k. No kidding!

Pros of Ikea Cabinets

  • price is significantly less
  • soft closing drawers and cabinets are really really nice
  • under cabinet, lights add so much more than I ever thought
  • they clean and wipe off super easy
  • you don’t have to have knobs or pulls if you don’t want them
  • tons of colors and materials to choose from
  • amazing online kitchen planning tool! Really use it even if you aren’t getting Ikea stuff
  • their showroom is amazing and you can see everything is use more than other stores

Cons of Ikea Cabinets

  • you have to put them together yourself
  • you pretty much have to go to the store and get a million boxes because they are way too expensive to ship
farmhouse kitchen decorating

What to use when Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating

There are so many fun things to add to a farmhouse kitchen to give it that extra charm. Take a look at the items below for some inspo. Think black and white, greenery, and tea towels!

Bar Stools for Farmhouse Kitchens

rustic bar stools

Here are some of my favorite bar stools from Amazon. Both the white pair and the grey one came from Amazon! Add a rustic pillow and bam! Small touches can make a huge impact.

Thanks for stopping by and reading all about farmhouse kitchen decorating. If you liked this post take a look at my last few Pin by hovering over the images if you want to save for later. And please let me know what you think by commenting below or shoot me a email!

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