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Archives for July 2019

How to Keep Ferns Alive and Decorate with Them

I just bought some new plants from the store the other day and wanted to share how I decorated with my new ferns inside and outside and how to keep ferns alive. I also looked up how to water ferns and keep them alive too so I can share some tips! If you are not new to the blog you will have seen all of my faux plants in my pictures. I hate using faux plants when I photograph stuff for the shop ... Read the Post

How to Line Drawers with Paper

Learn how to line drawers with paper and make an old desk look even better! It was simple and a quick DIY project. No chance at a Pinterest fails on this project I promise. The main reason being it is ok if it’s not perfect because it will be covered with stuff! I found the desk at a local antique store for a steal of $50. I love going to the place and digging around outside. Most people skip ... Read the Post

Rustic Bridal Shower Decor Ideas

I had the pleasure of helping my friend set up and photograph a friends wedding shower. The day was so fun and the shower turned out beautiful. I drove up to Chualar, CA where the shower was early and got to snap some pictures before the guests arrived. The house the shower was at was beautiful. I had actually been there multiple times when I was younger so it was a bit of Deja Vu for ... Read the Post

Fight the Stress & Anxiety During this crazy pandemic!

Together we will come out the other side of this stronger and more connected as a whole. Till then we need to keep the stress and anxiety down. Head to this blog post to learn more about how to cope with it.

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