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How to Beat Instagrams New Algorithm – My Two Secrets

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

Do you wonder how to keep up with the forever changing Instagram?

Well, you are in luck I have some good techniques that make it even easier for you.  I am not saying I am the all-knowing Instagram genius because my accounts don’t have the high follower count but they have good interaction and genuine followers which is what produces sales. Let’s dive into my secrets. I will share some affiliate links below but know I only share links to things I love and trust!

1) Schedule 3 Posts per Day

Scheduling three times per day makes your account stay actiuve and followers to see your posts. Each time you post using hashtags and have people interact the better your accoutn will show up. Does that sound really daunting? Like how much more can you be on your phone?

My favorite little tool for posting 3 times a day is Tailwind. Third party apps like Tailwind can post to Instagram for you making 3 posts a day much easier! Schedule all of your posts at one time. Hashtags and tags work as well!

Guys this is a huge time saver and I am so excited because it works great and my sales increased as well. Below is a chart from my Shopify analtyics page for my baby bedding site to prove the increase after just a few days!

Their site is very easy to use. There’s an option to upload multiple photos from your computer at once. Then add your caption to each post all while staying on the same page. Next click on a saved group of hashtags and they will automatically be pasted or type in each hashtag you would like to use. As you type hashtags more come up. BAM work smarter not harder!! You can also click on your most recently used ones under each post. Add to queue and sit back to and watch them do all the work for you.

Above is a a screenshot from my desktop showing all the cool features. It is all done on one page. And below is a video showing how easy adding hashtags is.


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var shrls_ifrm_557 = document.getElementById('shrls_target_557');
shrls_ifrm_557.width = 500; = 'none';
shrls_ifrm_557_Node = (shrls_ifrm_557.contentWindow) ? shrls_ifrm_557.contentWindow : (shrls_ifrm_557.contentDocument.document) ? shrls_ifrm_557.contentDocument.document : shrls_ifrm_557.contentDocument;;

There are many other apps that work but Tailwind is an actual partner of Instagram so I use it and they are a trusted partner. I have successfully been using Tailwind to post to two of my Instagram accounts and have not been shadow banned. I have no idea why accounts get shadow banned or how to avoid it but I use Telegram and Tailwind and have not ran into a problem yet.



2) Be Cohesive & Interact A lot

Bulk upload on desktop makes sharing from your photo libraries a snap, whether you’re importing directly from a DSLR camera or using your favorite photo editor.

Elegant 9 grid preview allows you to see exactly how your Instagram content will look when it’s published on your profile.

Manage multiple Instagram accounts with one login in a single dashboard.
Add your teammates or virtual assistant to help manage your workflow and stay on the same page.

— Tailwind

This one seems simple enough but your feed must stay cohesive and on brand. Above is a screenshot of my Instagram which is on brand and true to my colors and rustic vibe. It is very easy to get out of this but when using the Tailwind scheduler it is easier to view all of the photos in the grid system just like on Instagram. The first time I used the scheduler I uploaded 30 photos (the free trial amount) to test it out. It took a total of about 45 minutes but I had long captions and different keyword groups for all of my posts.

One thing that I hear over and over from reading blog posts and listening to podcasts about Instagram is interaction. The more involved in your community or niche the more likely you are to gain genuine and loyal followers. Which in turn leads to more comments, better SEO, and in the end sales!

To do this here’s some quick pointers I have gathered from reading that article or others and now are way easier to actually keep up since I am not posting 3 times a day.

– comment on 10 posts per day in your niche

– like 30 posts

– reply to 3 stories

– use different sets of hashtags each post should have 60 hashtags (YES 60) read this post here if you don’t know the 60 hashtag trick

– use video in stories when possible

– show behind the scenes pictures and video

All of these will help you gain views and interaction which how you build a true following. Some of my besties are Insta-buddies 🙂






My hopes in starting this blog was to help other moms and business owners no matter what line of work you are in. To do that I love to share my tricks and experiences with  you. Along the way I do share affiliate links like in this article. It helps pay the bills and keep my site up and running. In return I promise to only give honest reviews and reports 🙂


Sharing helps me out so much!



  1. Oh wow, and I’m glad if I can post once a day 🙂 Just started my account for my blog and it’s not easy to find content for each day when you don’t blog every day.

  2. Thank you for sharing such great info! Instagram can be overwhelming as a newbie. I need to step my game up for sure and have a better plan moving forward thanks to this!

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