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My Two Secrets That I Promise will Boost Your Instagram Stats

Want more followers on Instagram? A real way? With no gimmicks?

One of the ways I grew my Instagram accounts @hudsonbabycompany and @hudsonfarmhouse so quick was with 60 hashtags for each post and 60 GREAT ONES!

Below I will show you how my strategy and workflow to gain extra followers and interaction using my TWO SECRETS that no one else has been sharing. This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

Grow Your Instagram Account the CORRECT Way

First, let’s talk about hashtags and why they are important.

Instagram hashtags are one of the best ways to grow your Instagram account. Using the right hashtags can help you expose your page to large and targeted audiences. Your chances of attracting new followers, getting more likes/comments, and orders are higher with trending and high traffic hashtags.

Currently, there is a workaround that allows you to add more than the maximum of 30 tags per post.


If you do it correctly you can add up to 60 hashtags per photo/video.

It involves posting 30 hashtags to your comments section, and another 30 to your original caption.

 Follow the instructions below carefully:

  1. Post your photo/video. Make sure there are zero hashtags in the original caption.
  2. Immediately copy & paste 30 hashtags into a comment of your photo/video
  3. Edit your photo’s original caption.
  4. From here, you can add up to 30 additional hashtags to your photo’s original caption(bringing your total up to 60).

*Please note: you must follow these steps in their exact order for it to work.

If you want to know another time saver check out my other blog post here on how to schedule Instagram posts 3 times a day only once a week for easier workflow and production, which also correlates to more interaction which means more SALES! All using Tailwind my favorite time-saving app!


Now how to find ROCKSTAR hashtags from the top Instagram influencers in your niche. Find the hashtags already trending for your target market and share 60 for each post.

I suggest you have groupings of hashtags. Say you are posting three times on average in one given day, you can have 3 separate lists of 60 hashtags each, giving you about 180 hashtags total. That is 160 MORE opportunities to be found daily. Walk don’t run to the following link.

You may think 180 hashtags? Ain’t nobody got time for that?!

But with this website, you will have them in no time! And be able to reach a higher audience each day. SMA lets you analyze hashtags and their density (how many times the hashtag has been used) and their frequency.

Below is the Instagram account I started when I launched my new blog in December 2017. I am growing steadily and have an active loyal following. You can see the hashtags I have been using and how they rank.

But what is even cooler with SMA is how you can check out your competitions hashtags and ranks. Below is a screenshot of one a huge influencer in my niche. I can see what tags are working for her and how they rank. GAME CHANGER! Use their top ranking tags and combine them with yours and you have the best possible hashtags.

Sharing helps me out so much!

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